Our Vision…..

To create an environment where Jefferson students, teachers, and parents can engage in work that is challenging, adventurous, and meaningful; allowing learning and achievement to flourish.

The Mission of Jefferson Elementary…

an EL Education network school which embraces character, mastery of skills and knowledge, and high quality work, is to be a top performing urban school in Wisconsin through setting goals, tracking progress, and building a body of evidence which demonstrates student achievement.

School Pledge:

WE are JEFFERSON CREW, not passengers!

We will master skills and knowledge, and always produce high quality work.  

We will demonstrate responsibility, integrity, collaboration, compassion, and determination.  

Our character counts!!

We Believe that…
All students will master the most essential skills in reading and math in preparation for the next grade level.

All members of the Jefferson community will consistently demonstrate respectful and responsible behavior within our progressive school.

All families of Jefferson students will be consistently engaged in their child or children’s learning.


We will increase student achievement by implementing best instructional practices, interventions, enrichment activities and by working as a Professional Learning Community to meet the needs of all students.

We will create a plan using Character Counts! as a framework that develops the character of all members of the Jefferson Community with emphasis on respect, responsibility, citizenship, honesty, trustworthiness and caring.

We will develop a plan to engage Jefferson families in their child or children’s learning by exploring communication and the best practices in the spectrum of family engagement.