Welcome to Jefferson Elementary



Nov 2    5th Grade Intramurals 3:15-4:40pm
Nov 3    NO SCHOOL for Students 1st Quarter Ends
Nov 6    Juniors 3:00-4:30pm
Nov 8    Supporting School Success Night 4:15-6:15pm
Nov 9    Kindergarten Field trip to Library
Nov 9    5th Grade Intramurals 3:15-4:40pm
Nov 10  Kindergarten VIP Day
Nov 13  PTO Meeting 6:00pm Dinner 5:30pm
Nov 13  Daisy/Brownie 3:00-4:30pm
Nov 14  3rd Grade to Farm/Bong
Nov 16  5th Grade Intramurals 3:15-4:40pm
Nov 17  1st and 2nd Gr VIP Day
Nov 20   Picture Re-Take Day
Nov 20   Juniors 3:00-4:30pm
Nov 22   1/2 DAY for Students & Instructional Staff
Nov 23   NO SCHOOL
Nov 24   NO SCHOOL
Nov 27   Daisy/Brownie 3:00-4:30pm
Nov 30   5th Grade Intramurals 3:15-4:40pm


Supporting School Success Night
Next meeting November 8
4:15-6:15 pm
Dinner will be served

Welcome to the Supporting School Success training. This training enables parents of children in PreK-3 to improve communication, reduce misbehavior and help their children succeed in school.

The supporting school success training brings parents of children in grades PreK-3 together to learn and practice skills for supporting their child in school.

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 BREAKFAST MENU                                                                              LUNCH MENU-October
                                                                                                                LUNCH MENU-November
                                                                                                                LUNCH MENU-December
                                                                                                                LUNCH MENU-January